“…Knowledge means nothing until it lives in the muscle. Until you’ve actually applied it to your experiences and then that becomes wisdom…I think starting with my heartbreak it just unraveled me. It was nothing about him. It just unraveled me and it sent me on a more authentic path where I had to get super honest and real with myself and just be my own best friend and learn that you cant accept and love and be a compassionate person for other people if you have not sat with your own shadow first.”

Allie is a prolific poet, writer, yogi, teacher, leader of transformational retreats, instagram influencer, my daughter, the co-star of a charming new YouTube series called “Do It Messy” and now the founder of a sustainable yoga line, aptly named “Poetry in Motion”. Join us as she shares what she has learned in her action packed journey on the planet so far.


Hosted by: Certified Life Coach, Joni Caldwell Lerner



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