“For most people, it’s the most challenging thing in the world, is to be right here in this moment. That this is the only moment there is. Because at the end of your life, when you are on your death bed, one of the things you’re going to be thinking is just how present was I to my life? How awake? How aware? And that can literally, it can be 10 years or it can be 10 minutes, that you’ve been asleep that you can always wake up and let go of the past and be in this moment and go from this moment.”

Dr. Toni is a Soul Purpose Activator, Futurist, licensed therapist, speaker, columnist, coach and author of The LifeQuake. Her Jungian background helps interpret dreams, her shamanic training helps see and remove blockages and her astrological knowledge helps guide the timing on when to take action. Toni literally has you covered. We talk about 2019-2020 and what to expect in the coming decade.

Hosted by: Certified Life Coach, Joni Caldwell Lerner,  M.Bsc.

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Book: The LifeQuake Phenomenon: How to Thrive (Not Just Survive) in Times of Personal and Global Upheaval” Re-release in Spring of 2020


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