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Embrace feelings and emotions will give you the power to change how you show up in the world. They change our energy and our vibrations. Those changes dictate what we attract into our lives. So how to best process feelings and emotions such that they support us in our wishes and dreams? In fact, how do we change our emotional state in the moment so that we do not inadvertently block our potential?

So many of us don’t realize that it is we who have the power to process and shift our emotions – to learn from them objectively. We are not victims of other people, their emotions or our own! Feelings are not facts, they are just information.

When things happen, we react with emotions, and then we have feelings about the emotions. Simple enough but we have also learned since childhood to attach stories to the facts.

For example, you get on the scale and you are 7 or 10 pounds more than you thought. That is a fact. But it is the story you attach to that number that can cause pain. If you look at the number and say to yourself, “I should cut back on the dessert for a while.” Then it is useful and valuable information. If you look at it and say, “I am fat, and I am worthless, and don’t deserve happiness.” Then you have attached a damaging story to it. A story not based in truth or reality. It makes you a victim to your own thinking.
People don’t realize that feelings are useful, beautiful things. The discomfort they can cause helps us know ourselves. Joy, happiness, sadness, pain, anger, are neither good nor bad. They just are. Once we realize that feelings and emotions are just signposts, they become our friends. Acknowledge them. Feel them. Process them. Cry through them. Notice the stories you tell about them. Fall in love with them. Emotions and feelings are your greatest guides to your True Self.