“There is something about being with family and old friends that makes us become who we were, and not who we are in the moment. When you find yourself reverting to old childhood patterns with family members, try to walk away for just a moment and remember who you are now. Notice the detail of the room, the light in the trees. Bring yourself to the present. Also remember it is not necessary to play the same role as you did when you were younger even if others are encouraging you to do so by their behaviors.”

Joni shares her tips on surviving the holidays in tact and creating a new experience starting right now. She also discusses the stories of three survivors of recent life events that will get you thinking and ulitmately grateful for your life and your process. We all get to be the author of our own story. 

Hosted by: Certified Executive Life Coach, Joni Caldwell Lerner,  M.Bsc.

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Native American organizations mentioned in today’s podcast:  Real Rent Duwamish.org in the Seattle area or Partnership With Native Americans. org. 

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