Anxiety? Stress? The Millenial Generation (and younger) are the most magical and yet stressed out generation in history. Why? They have more information and more choices than any other group of people known to man.

They are the most educated, powerful, conscious and socially aware group of humans of any era and are 90 million strong. The opportunities are astounding yet 40% are unemployed after spending thousands on their education and being an average of 30k in debt.

So why? Why are they more stressed? Why are they more anxious?

Some reasons why:

Poor Sleep Habits –poor sleep habits lead to a heightening of the areas in the brain that lead to working. They don’t go to bed at the same times every night, they spend valuable sleep time on phones and laptops right before bed.

Healthier habits include non-stimulating activities before bed like reading, writing in a journal, and listening to a meditation designed for relaxation or sleep. In addition, make sure you get some form of exercise to tire the body.

Too Much Caffeine from Coffee – This can lead to heightened anxiety as it “speeds” up the system. It provides a jump start short term and can be very habit forming. If you just can’t give up the coffee because of the taste or effect, ween off of most of it and keep it to the morning hours only.

There are healthier alternatives like Laird’s Superfood Coffee choice and great Mushroom Coffees. Teas are also an alternative but are very different and may not satisfy your needs but are incredibly healthy if chosen well. Just keep away from caffeine after noon.

Poor Eating Habits – If we eat well and regularly, we keep the insulin levels even (blood sugar) and it helps keep our metabolism healthy and our minds sharp. If we skip meals or don’t plan ahead to have healthy meals or snacks available we can get shaky and anxious. Also, stay away from processed foods and refined sugars whenever possible.

Keep hydrated, eat regularly, plan ahead.

Sitting is the New Smoking – Studies have shown that the sitting for prolonged hours at our desks and computers is incredibly harmful to our bodies, our digestion our circulation and our mental well being.

Get up and take a break every 60-9o. minutes. Take a 10-15 minute walk (do some push ups or jumping jacks if you work at home). Move your body! Your mind will improve!

The Phone – This will blow your mind…

Studies have shown that NINE HOURS is the average amount of time spent on the phone by American Students on a daily basis. Technology was originally meant to make our live easier and more enjoyable and while they are remarkable and convenient, they are found to be causing anxiety. The central nervous system is stimulated which can lead to increased anxiety. Social media in particular is linked to low moods and depression.

Begin to live mindfully with your phone. Notice how often you grab your phone out of boredom or habit. Put it in a pocket or bag and out of sight so that you don’t automatically grab it. Wait an hour in the morning before you look at the phone. Put the phone to bed an hour before you. Be conscious of how much it has infiltrated your life and make a different choice.

Work/Life Balance – It is uncomfortable and anxiety provoking when work intrudes upon the personal life.

Millineals view work very differently. For previous generations, work was a place and it was often a place they worked for decades. Today’s generation view work more as what is produced, not a location, and therefore the boundaries of work and personal life are blurred.

This can cause anxiety because there is no clear “down time” rejuvenation.

Instead, schedule yourself. Decide when the “off” hours are and stick to it. Put self care and exercise and fun on the calendar too. It will make you happier and therefore more productive but that is to the point. The point is stress reduction and balance.

Financial Fear – It doesn’t matter how many zeros are in the number of dollars you make annually, it matters if you live within your means. Don’t use credit cards. If you have debt, create a reasonable payback plan. Make sure your rent or mortgage is not more than 25-30% of your monthly take home, stop buying stuff you don’t need and save money every month. Even if it is $10, it is a start. Also, budget emergencies as well as fun. If this is in place, you reduce your stress and anxiety caused by the unknown.

In summary, there are a few easy ways of slowing the anxiety train down. It will take some time but depending on how many of the above you implement, there will be improvement and you will find relief.
Two more suggestions are Tapping which you can google or you can hire someone to coach you through this. I am here if that is what you are looking for but the above is all free and easy to access so start there. I am here if and when you need. Just email me at
Have a beautiful life!!!