Module 13 - Maintenance

Maintenance is no joke. You have done some heavy lifting but the true courage comes when you live in a healthy body with no “food cushion,” or food “anesthesia.”


Congratulations! You have done some amazing work and at this point, you will likely be feeling a little, or a lot,  healthier and happier with your body and your life. To realize that happiness and connection is not predicated on the size of your thighs or your back side is not only healthier, it is a gentler and more graceful way to live. It allows us to fully participate in our lives. Not avoiding intimacy. Reaching out and living wholly in the world.  It is your ability to connect with your heart, your life’s journey, as well as to others, that will ultimately bring you even more healing. 

Maintenance is no joke. You have done some heavy lifting but the true courage comes when you live in a healthy body with no “food cushion,” or food “anesthesia.”  In the past, I would think the only problem I had was being fat, and in my own mind . . . ugly. That if I lost weight, I would be beautiful and life would be easier. That the red carpet would roll out and I would take my Academy Award for existing. That Prince Charming would appear on bended knee. With a castle. And a billion dollars. Not kidding. 

 What I found out was wherever I go, there I am . Which is true of whatever weight I am, I am still me. So to heal from the inside out was the most extraordinary awakening in my life. It was a gentle letting go of the weight getting to know myself a little at a time as a person who was living life without self inflicted pain and suffering. My goal is to have at least 90% of everyday spent on positive forward motion in all areas of my life. That means the very significant foundation for a positive existence  is good, healthy food and food behaviors.

Do not slack off on your mission. Stay on top of it. Stay conscious and aware. Your mind will want to forget and go back to the old ways because they are familiar, but do not give in. If it didn’t work before, and only caused you misery, it is unlikely that the same behaviors will suddenly create a different result. Remember the definition of insanity is “going back to the same source expecting a different result.” 

You have started your journey to true freedom and you’ve got this. Newton’s law of motion loosely states that a body in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. So let your momentum take you. Remain in motion toward your best life. 

One last note on this. Our brains physiologically have programming that cannot be removed but it can be overridden by creating new and more powerful programming. It is up to you to do this by learning new behaviors and thoughts and repeating them again and again until they become the default program. Your natural “go to” will be in your Highest Good. 

Use this course to stay awake. Revisit it as often as you need. 

Maintenance Meditation & Affirmations

This meditation is designed in the present tense to affirm your ability and intention to peacefully coexist with your food, your body and your mind. It is a gentle but powerful subconscious neuro-linguistic tool to support the work you have done and to maintain the new behaviors and thoughts. Listen to it each night before bed. Even if you are not yet at your goal, this will help you already live in it. Remember, the brain does not know the difference between what is real and what is the future you. If you think it and feel it, you will draw it to you and it will become your reality. 

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