Module 2 - The Dreaded "Number"

What if  the number doesn’t matter? What if you just saw how much you weigh as what it is? Just a number.


The Dreaded "Number"

Let me be clear up front, weighing yourself is not a requirement.  At all. But we need to look at how our minds latch onto numbers. Do you have an ideal weight goal? If so, where did that number come from? This is very personal and I just want you to think about it for now. Is it because you see a model or actress on Instagram or Facebook or T.V. and think if you look like her, you’ll be happy? Is it because your mom projected her body issues on you? Is it because your lover touched your belly and you cringed from them because you had judgements about it? Where did the belief begin? Is it truly yours or would you like to let it go?

What if  the number doesn’t matter? What if you just saw how much you weigh as what it is? Just a number. It is “just information”. The moment I was told this, my life changed. The number has no power except what I give it (or attach to it.) It does not make me bad or good, beautiful or ugly. It simply indicates to me that what I’m doing is working or not.

Some of the healthiest, happiest people I know do NOT get on a scale. Ever. It is not how they measure their progress and it is definitely not their barometer of self worth. They go by the fit of their clothes or how they look in the mirror. But after years of an unhealthy relationship to body and food, I get on the scale once a week or twice a month.

This is partly because when eating new and wonderful foods, I want to see how my body is doing with them, and partly because I am in maintenance and want to stay there, and partly because I have no clue what I actually weigh or look like on any given day. It is simply an act of accountability. Because my eyes are not always a true gage of how I look, I check in. In the beginning, I let someone know before and after I weigh so that I can process the feelings around it with a loving advocate. I go up and down 0-5 pounds depending. So if it is up I don’t say, “Well, screw it! I’m going to throw out everything I know to be true and eat my face off.” I say, hmmmmm, I will stay conscious, dial it down and check in again next week. Then I go back to what’s my plan for today? Is there something I am doing or not doing that needs to be adjusted?

I want to address body image very specifically here. Do you have or know someone with body dysmorphia? This is an extreme example of undue or distorted attention to one’s features or body. They literally can’t see themselves as they are. Some of us have a mild case and it can be healed through a conscious loving surrender to let it go. Invoking help in the spiritual realm is a huge help with this.

I have a client who is stunning and thin by anyone’s standards and in all other aspects she is balanced in her life but she just can’t see past her belly fat. It consumes a large portion of her thinking. As females, some of us (most of us) have a layer of belly fat that is normal and part of being female and frankly, beautiful but for some reason, her brain cannot see this. It is all about self acceptance and self love that will naturally come from acts of self care. Just notice for yourself, do you judge a part or all of you as flawed? Do you focus on it? Are you willing to let it go? To accept your body as amazing no matter the size? If you are willing to do this, you will take such stress and pressure off of yourself. You can even skip right now, to a Tapping video to do some work on it.

Think about it. If we continue to focus on what we think of as flaws, we will limit our potential in all areas. If you are on a race track at 200 miles an hour and you look at the wall surrounding the track…where does your car go? You will crash right into the wall! If you are focusing on your belly fat or your supposed flaws, guess where your energy and fat is going to go? So just keep your eyes straight ahead on the track. Keep your eyes on the goal of health and wellness. Not a flat stomach so that you can then feel better.

We are going to stop the “As soon as” game. As soon as I’m rich I will be happy. As soon as I’m thin I will be loveable. As soon as my BMI 20% I will join a gym. No more. Life is in session right now! Not “as soon as…”

By the end of the workshop, I want you to notice if you still believe that attaching yourself to number or size is for your highest good? Some of us attach a great deal of random meaning to an arbitrary number… then measure our happiness and self-worth to this allusive task master. It is my intention that you strip that number of its power over your happiness. Can you let it go? Delete that belief? Divine Universe and your Highest Good may have a number that is more, or it may be less. Be open to letting this go. Control once served many of us well, but it can become a rigidity that blocks the true surrender to health and freedom. As we become healthier on all levels, we no longer come from fear which is what is often behind control.

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