Module 6 - Permission, Organization, Formulation, & Prayer

Let’s break down how to go about healing ourselves so that we will not be having the same conversation in 5 years.

Let’s break down how to go about healing ourselves so that we will not be having the same conversation in 5 years. It will take changing some things. It will take prioritizing others. It will take making a decision that “The pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” It will take some discipline to create a new life and new habits. But it doesn’t have to be hard. And it will create lasting results. Each of the above will be its own module.


Let’s start with permission to be powerful and loveable and worthy in any shape or size. That must come from within. To decide right now, this moment to love yourself and be happy. And if you are not quite there, do what I did. I “acted as if.” I began to live my life as if I was lean and healthy and loved myself. I joined a cheap gym and bought form fitting workout clothes at 242 pounds. At this point I had lost about 10-12 pounds already. I went zip lining at 226 pounds. I know that specifically because they weigh you before they let you zip. I wore board shorts and hopped on a wave runner knowing photos would be taken:

My weight came off slowly but my mind set was that I give myself permission to be happy and healthy. . . one baby step at a time. I had lost weight before and it came off fast but didn’t stay off. So this time, with a lifestyle and spiritual change, it came off slowly and it stayed off for good.

Let’s switch gears for a moment but stay with the idea of permission. For the human being, there is a phenomenon of “Can’t Have/Must Have”. That’s why diets fail. They are unsustainable. In other words, if I say I can’t have something, then my brain will fight to have it on a subconscious level. So with food, there are no foods I can’t have. But there are whole boatloads and types of foods, I choose not to have. I give myself permission to be in a healthy body, to look good, to feel good and to treat myself well. I give myself permission

to let go, permission to be free and to live a fully empowered life. You know the individual permission you need, be willing to give it to yourself. Say it out loud or in your meditation.


Module 6: Assignment

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