“Manifesting: curating and creating the life that we are living. As children, it’s part of what we are learning. In adulthood, manifesting is work product. In Eldership, we go back to childhood which is what I want gets pulled into me. So adults, are like an arrow to a goal. In Eldership, we become the bullseye that people are trying to achieve. Elders need to be in the world and be fully alive and present with all their scars and achievements. Not how well they are aging, but how well are they living.”

Teri Uktena shares her wisdom on the process of living, manifesting, and aging. Paying attention to what you want right now. Life is either “prescriptive or descriptive”. You’re either consciously engaging in it in or you’re acknowledging it’s happening anyway. Descriptive comes from the fear of now what? But prescriptive is making conscious choices to wrap up what is most relevent and moving on to the next phase of what you choose as your best life now. 


Hosted by: Certified Life Coach, Joni Caldwell Lerner,  M.Bsc.



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