Transcending Life’s Roadblocks


Transcending Life’s Roadblocks clears the road for what you want in your life. What if the “problems” in your life (defined as intricate unsolved issues) are seen as roadblocks to your vision for your life instead of PROBLEMS. Roadblocks can be driven over or around or through.

There are many strategies but most importantly roadblocks should be seen as information. Don’t judge the challenges or attach stories to them. What are they telling you? Go left. Go right. We don’t judge the direction signs on the roads when we drive so why would we judge the road signs on the road of life?

Problem. Solution. That is the order of business. Don’t get bogged down and spend all your valuable time and energy in the problem. You cannot solve the problem on the level of the problem. You have to rise above it to the solution. You can do this. In fact, it is required for your success and happiness.

How often have you listed all the reasons why life is not working? The “list” of why you are essentially a victim of your life circumstances? My kids got to the point that when I started to list how many hours I drove that day to get them to their classes or sports or playdates they would say, “I know, I know mom, you spent 400 hours driving us today.” I was playing both the martyr and the victim and it was just a microcosm of how I was showing up in all areas of my life. My kids were smart enough not to buy it.

That was a wake up call. Here was my list at the time: Five of my friends died in one year, I fell off my horse and ended up in a full leg brace for six months, I became the conservator for my mentally ill sister, put on an enormous amount of weight, we had to move, and the recession hit. I took all of that very personally and constantly lived in the story of why my life sucked. Of why it was not working and I was miserable. It was like holding up a sign and saying, “Feel sorry for me.” This kept me stuck in the story of being a victim.

It does not matter if you have spent five minutes or five years in the story of the problem. It is time to shift and focus on the solution. We will never rise above the story, the roadblock, the illusion of unhappiness if we do not choose to do something different.  

The solution is both different and the same for every situation. It is different in the circumstance but it is the same in that it will always have a spiritual element. Do the footwork. Let go of the story. Invite a new story into your life. Rise above the level of the problem to a spiritual solution. A higher plane of problem solving, if you will.  The results are not up to you after that. You get to trust, relax, and let go. It will come to you.