Module 1 - Diets Don't Work

Let’s begin by examining the phenomenon of the DIET.


Diets Don't Work

What are the first three letters in that word? DIE-t. That’s exactly what it feels like to starve ourselves. How many times have you said, “I’m starving to death” on a diet?

If diets don’t work, how do I lose weight? That’s the million dollar question. It is an “inside job.” No pill can fix that which is probably why you are reading this now. Diets don’t work, yet diets are big business (over 60 billion a year). Let me repeat. Diets don’t work. There is a 95% failure rate and those who do lose weight on a diet often gain it back within five years. Those of you who have a need to feel control may balk. But study after study have shown this to be true. The marketing machine has counted on us buying their junk for years to the tune of billions. Their worthless “diet” foods, their diet pills, shots, diet plans, shakes, etc. It is very big business and they don’t work because after you are done losing weight or just get tired and quit before reaching “goal weight,” you go back to your old ways and gain the weight back plus 5-10 extra, each time. The added insult is that this process makes it harder to lose weight the next time. It messes with your natural rhythm and metabolism. Not to mention your mind and emotions. Avoid this trap! Imagine if you do this 10 times? That is 50-100 pounds accumulated from “dieting” over time. Decide right now to never diet again.

What do I do instead you ask? How will I finally change? In a nutshell, change your lifestyle from top to bottom. Clear the energetic body. Fill your spiritual needs. We are going to examine all the moving pieces involved in having a healthy lifestyle that supports sanity and peace around food, body image and your weight. You will have the opportunity to KEEP what works, CREATE new ways of doing things and DELETE what doesn’t work.  


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