Module 9 - Prayer

Last but not least in this section of PERMISSION, PLANNING, and PREPARATION is PRAYER.


Regardless of what religion you practice, including atheism, pray to whatever/whoever you believe is bigger than you – it could be God or goddess or the McDonald’s golden arches, or your flat screen T.V., but something OUTSIDE of you, for clarity and healthy choices. We can draw on the energetic power of prayer regardless of dogma. It is my belief that your Higher Self is always accessible if you quiet your mind and listen.

Pray over your Kitchen and make it Sacred Space

Bless the kitchen. Sage it, even. If you believe this matters and will make a difference, you are already half way there, if you don’t, “act as if” you do. It will work. You are clearing negative, stagnant and old energy out of your kitchen and house so that you have the least amount of energetic resistance to your new ways of eating and taking care of you. In fact, don’t stop at the kitchen. Sage the whole house. 

Do NOT eat in your bedroom. Not only is that unsanitary and an invitation to critters, it is sloppy and every time you get in bed, you may subconsciously think it’s time to eat! Your bed and bedroom are your sacred space for love and meditation. Do not conduct business in there. Do not take calls in there (even from friends). While you’re at it, move the TV out if it’s in there. Trust me on this. Part of your healthy foundation includes a safe, sacred space and a healthy love and sleep life. Outside energies linger and we want only your vibration (and that of your partner in there).

Pray Love into your Cooking and your Food

Put loving prayer into your food as you prepare it and before you eat it. Food has vibration just like everything else so be mindful. I know that may seem a little odd if you don’t yet know the science behind all things having a vibration, a frequency if you will, but it actually makes scientific sense. In other words, sound through music or words creates either negativity or positivity. There is a reason traditions begin and praying at the dinner table is an age old ritual. I always saw it a religious but now I see it as a gentle invocation of the divine around food and breaking bread together.

In 1999, Dr Masuro Emoto authored a book called “Messages from Water” in which he described experiments that have been conducted in which drops of water were frozen and analyzed.  Each droplet of water had a positive blessing or negative intention bestowed upon it and frozen.  Later, the droplets were analyzed under the microscope and it was found that the droplets with the most loving and appreciative intentions made the most beautiful snowflake-like complex crystalline structure; while the negatives ones equally also showed results, but of chaotic and disastrously disorganized partial structures.  

Patricia Spadaro says, “…consciousness has been proven to affect matter on a cellular level.  Consider that there are 100 trillion cells in the “average” human body; the cellular community is a living community inside of every living thing that is very much informed and interact with their environment.”

Ban Negative SpeakCarefully consider the words you use and the words you allow from others. If they are negative or full of anger (especially to yourself), be proactive in changing the vibration you are absorbing by calmly requesting that people do not address you that way and make a concerted effort to change your own language. The most damage done is usually delivered by the voice in our own heads. Say, “Cancel, cancel, cancel” and replace it with a positive thought. Imagine being in an environment where only love is communicated, your vibration would change to reflect that too! We would not need food for protection.

Example Food Prayer: “God, goddess, Universe please infuse this food with the highest love vibration for our/my optimal health and well being. Allow my body to recognize and use the nutrients to its optimal good.” 

Or, keeping it simple, short and sweet: “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

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