Module 11 - See Yourself Through the Eyes of NON-JUDGEMENT and SELF-LOVE

Let’s do something powerful to start this module off. Sit in front of a mirror and get really comfortable. You are going to be looking at yourself for a timed three minutes. Start your timer. Stare into your own eyes. Do that now and come back here for the next direction. Do not read ahead. 

Welcome back. How was that? What were you thinking? Were you loving and kind to yourself as you look into your eyes?  Were you judging yourself? Was it uncomfortable? Was it fun? 

Now you are going to go back to the mirror and look into your eyes with the inner eyes of your Higher Self. Use “God-Eyes.”  Really see this beautiful Soul in front of you. Be curious about who she is. See the life she has lived in her eyes. See the beauty of her soul. What do you notice? What do you feel as you gaze into your own beautiful eyes? 

If you have ever held a baby, you have witnessed love. You have held joy. How did you look at that child? Was it with wonder and amazement? When did you stop looking at yourself that way? When did you stop seeing the beauty and perfection of the creation that is you? When did you start to pick yourself apart and minimize your magic? Take your power back. See yourself through God’s eyes. Through the eyes that look upon that baby, your inner self, with unconditional love. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You could not see these things had they not been there and within you already.

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