Joni Caldwell Lerner, BA, M.Bsc

In our individual sessions you’ll discover and then with my support walk your unique path of transformation.


I’m available for one-on-one coaching sessions though my premium coaching packages. In my journey from being an Overweight, Unhealthy, Miserable and Disconnected woman who had lost her way….


to a Vibrant, Happy, Healthy and Physically Fit woman whose confident she can handle with grace and power the rest of her life…


I discovered and lived 3 important steps for transition. 3 important steps to transform yourself from where you are now to where you desire to be

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Find Your Truth

It’s so important to discover and live your goals, dreams, and wishes for your life because they come from your Real Self.

Whether you’re unhappy or you don’t know why, or you’re stuck and you can’t seem to move forward, let’s discover your true purpose and set goals that will help you live your most authentic life.

Live Your Journey

I know from my own transformational journey that even when you know your path, it can be hard to walk it alone. I’m here to help coach, inspire, guide, and motivate you along the way, just as I was and still am today.

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit?

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Set Your Path

The path you take to achieve your goals, and fulfill your potential, will be determined by your unique gifts and the obstacles specific to your life. This is perfect!

All too often we don’t get what we want without understanding the cause for what we feel short. I used to feel doomed to make the same mistakes over and over. Not anymore.

Together we’ll discover your unique stumbling blocks and your inner resources to overcome those stumbling blocks. You’re a unique woman so we’ll set the right path for you. And then you’re ready for your journey…

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