Joni Caldwell Lerner, BA, M.Bsc.

Joni believes that people teach us two things.: Who we want to be and who we don’t.  It is not what has happened in the past but what we do going forward that matters! She is passionate about helping others discover their stories and the shed them and live to full and vibrant life. 

To her, the trajectory of her life has been astounding. From the lowest lows to the highest highs and then to an equilibrium acceptance that life will always have ups and downs. It is how we face them that matters.

People often want to know the secret to her “aliveness.” Joni has an unsinkable belief in other people and the Universe as a whole to align with with their dreams and manifest abundance.

It is a matter of navigating them with faith and a whole battery of tools to overcome and transcend. Why not live a life beyond what you have ever been able to imagine?

She is able to speak the language of her client so that they can hear above the noise of their own lives. Whether they are just starting out on their spiritual and wellness journey or ready for the next level, she is able to meet them where they are empower profound change.

“I believe there is no burden too big to overcome and no ambition too high to achieve. Let’s change the world by igniting a change in you today.”

Call today for your first consultation as my gift. Let's see if this is a good fit and get started with your transformation.

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