Coaching with Joni

Joni Lerner is a Spiritual Life and Transition Specialist Coach who uses various techniques to transform lives with the kind of power and lasting change only a spiritual approach can create. It is a holistic approach and perspective that integrates the mind, body, spirit and energetic bodies at the spiritual level which creates the deepest, most important and profound shifts instrumental in creating a powerful, fulfilling and vibrant life.

There are tons of coaches out there with various approaches to help people create exponential growth and change but few, concentrate on the most profound aspect of change, the spiritual and energetic. It is about transcending previous limits and fulfilling your destiny. This work facilitates change in a way that “miracles” become daily occurrences.

Seeking and becoming is an integral part of this human experience. Delve into your journey for next level awareness and prosperity. A spiritual coach helps you see that your challenges and experiences are simply synchronous opportunities for new awareness and change. It is about taking the fractured pieces of you and bringing them together in a whole new you. To be able to transform obstacles into positive transformation is a gift available to anyone who is open and willing to discovering inner resources they may not yet realize they possess. 



Joni's Coaching Provides:

  1. Helping clients discover their true purpose in life. Joni will help the client discover their reason for being here. We all come in with very unique gifts. What are the gifts that create infinite potentiality and personal power in their life? They will discover that if they align with their purpose, life flows easily and effortlessly in the direction of manifesting their ultimate destiny.
  1. Uncovering the client’s inner strength, courage and personal power. To help them reveal their own “super powers” and believe in themselves. Imagine living a consistently empowered life.
  1. Helping the client in creating action plans. This empowers the client to focus, set goals and manifest their dreams. Having a plan in any or all areas of life creates a sense of control and direction in the magnificent unfolding of life.
  1. Establishing a Foundation of personal power by uncovering where the client has been run by their programming. To uncover the unconscious beliefs that have sabotaged or limited the client up to now so that they can access their true Selves in any given circumstance. In short, they will learn to respond to life rather than react.
  1. Inspiring the client to really see themselves as the infinite and magical being they are. To motivate the client in really own their gifts and magic and guiding them toward their true personal Aliveness.
  1. Help them Launch the next level of greatness. Every client has a next level of success, connection and aliveness. Joni will help the client go next level every time.


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