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Being a woman of worth means loving where you are right now. The process of walking through this in depth workshop is a loving journey of self-discovery and self-care. We are going to talk about all the things that support your Highest Self and one of those is being at optimal health in this human body.

  • Have you tried to lose weight again, and again, and again?
  • Have you gone on a diet with some success just to break it and end up heavier than before you started?
  • Are you frustrated, angry, self-shaming and overwhelmed from trying?

You are not alone.

But what if, through the process of self acceptance you discover that it is not about the weight or size of your body at all? Have you ever seen a painting from the 1400s? The standard of “beauty” was very different.

No one gets to tell you what equals beauty for you. If you are curvy and super healthy like me, love it. Embrace it. If you want to get healthier and stronger and that means thinner, then embrace that too! The good news is that any negativity around this area of life can be change by learning how to embrace your food, your body, your habits and your life with a new attitude and the right tools.

The key to feeling good about yourself and having fun while you lose weight is to address your beliefs and change your energy. This is the only thing that worked for me.

After using 3 simple steps to Freedom and Empowerment around your body image, weight, food and your life in general, you will move from pain and suffering with dieting to a healthy lifestyle where you love yourself!

1. Examine Existing Beliefs

2. Implement new behaviors and thoughts

3. Transform your energy and your life

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