A brilliant friend and writer once said to me, “Relationships are like putting Miracle Grow on your character defects.” While funny, it could not be truer. The people who are closest to us are our greatest teachers. They mirror or elicit the lessons we most need to learn in that moment. Working relationships take vulnerability, intimacy, honesty, integrity, and a willingness to grow. No matter how long a relationship lasts, there is a treasure trove of beautiful and powerful lessons to be learned. I am a big believer in love and connection. What is always true is that if you shift your perspective, the people in your life will miraculously seem to shift as well.

Whether you are in a relationship now or searching for that connection, the work we do will clear the way for what you desire. First, we figure out what that is and how you would envision that to look and then we go about creating the space for that to manifest.

Relationships are not hard. They are not complicated. They only become that way when a person is drowning in their baggage and beliefs about them. For example, what are the beliefs you carry around from childhood or a failed relationship or a bad experience that are no longer yours? What are your expectations and how are they sabotaging what you say you want? What about the inability to get out of your own way? What if finding and connecting with someone or re-connecting in an established union is a matter of desire combined with a thorough willingness to do what it takes to vibrate at a level of love and connection?

We will also look at your relationship with yourself. How well do you love you? The better you are at that, the better you will be at loving others.

I believe the greatest drive for a human being on this earth is connection with another. Let’s do the work that will get you there!