Packages & Pricing

Jump Start Package

$ 499
  • 1.5 hour initial session
  • Four weekly 40 minute calls
  • Limited Text Access
  • 6 month commitment $450 per month

Power Package

$ 599
  • 1.5 hour initial session
  • Four weekly 50 minute calls per month (5 week months = optional/ad'l fee)
  • Unlimited text access
  • 6 month commitment $550 per month

VIP Package

$ 799
Monthly (12 month commitment)
  • 1.5 hour initial session
  • Bi-Weekly 30-40 minute calls (all weeks per availability)
  • Unlimited access (calls and/or text)
  • 6 month commitment $750 per month
  • Discounts on the VIP immersive days (see below)


Immersive Day/Night spent learning, meditating, moving your body and eating healthy food.

$1950 per day spent at my location in California.

General Coaching

Takes place on the phone and the calls are recorded for you convenience and reference (unless you opt out of recording).

 They are either group phone calls or individual phone sessions depending on your package.

For some people, a more intensive availability is required and a retainer situation or daily rate can be discussed. In some cases, I may be available for travel with a client.


2 – 4 hours workshops and weekend retreats are available. Fees depend on location.

Subjects covered are:

  • Addiction Recovery – Coming back from the brink to a productive and happy you.
  • Weight Loss – No more “die”-ts. Come home to a healthy body weight and live your life free of the burden of extra weight. Boost your self esteem ten fold!
  • Meditation – learn How, Where, When and How Long to meditate to a more connected and abundant you.
  • Law of Attraction – Manifestation and abundance deciphered. Why do some people seem to have life so “easy” and attract money and relationships effortlessly?
  • Purpose/Goals/Dreams -What are they exactly and how to you achieve them?
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