Coaching Packages

Over the years I’ve discovered two keys to getting what we want in life.

Transformation and consistency.

Transformation because the woman you are today is not the same woman you will be tomorrow, 5 days, 5 months or 5 years from now.

Consistency because consistently applying the tools you’ll learn in our work together will yield the results you desire as you transform yourself into your real Self over time.

Transformation + Consistency = The Real YOU.

With this in mind, I’ve found that the best value for you, and one that yields the best results, is to only offer coaching packages.

    • Two hour initial kickoff session
    • (3) 30 minute calls per month
    • Limited text access
    • Two hour initial coaching kickoff session
    • Weekly 55 minute calls
    • Unlimited text access
    • 1/2 Day VIP Kickoff Session!
    • Weekly 55 minute calls
    • Unlimited Access (calls and text)

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