Transcending Addiction to a Full and Productive Life

Recovery is the process of overcoming. Anything that stands in the way of a peaceful, powerful existence needs to be addressed. In some cases, it may be a mild obstacle. In others, it may have progressed to an “addiction” to a substance, behavior or type of relationship and will need more intensive support to transcend.  The word addict may have a negative connotation for some. It literally means “to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively.”  For some people, addiction could center around relationships, food, alcohol, drugs, or any number of other behaviors, situations or substances that once worked for them but eventually the use of them evolved to robbed them of their vitality and aliveness. If we catch these behaviors before the invisible line is crossed, it may be possible to avoid years of pain. It is time to move beyond the pain to shine a light on what is possible. The burden is physical, mental and spiritual and what we are committed to is transcending your life road blocks to a healthy empowered life.

If you are new to the idea that perhaps what you are doing is actually interfering with your life (causing havoc in any way) and you want to know how to get out of quagmire of confusion and discomfort, we will examine your situation (where you are) and where you want to be. Let’s take you out of being a victim or a slave to your circumstances and empower you on all levels. Maybe it is not you that needs help, perhaps it is a family member and you are seeking answers for them and for you and your family.

Perhaps you are just emerging from a facility that has given you a break from your unhealthy environment and the tools to get sober from your substances or behaviors but you’re wary of going back out into “the real world” without support, this work is for you. Our work will incorporate what you have already learned and assist you in moving to the next level. This is about empowerment and work-ability. How do we live our best lives?

What about 12 Step Programs? No one solution is for everyone and I am a firm believer in getting the help you need where you can and 12 Step Programs are numerous, all inclusive, accessible and have a proven track record. Our work would dovetail with the work you are doing already. However, if they are not for you, we will develop a plan that supports your life and your dreams by using resources that resonate with you. Whether you have a program, a sponsor, a therapist, a recovery team, an acupuncturist, a hypnotherapist or have no idea where to start, I can help you get clarity and momentum.

Integrative Coaching covers whatever is happening in your life. Depending on your circumstance, we will set up regular coaching sessions or a more all inclusive package that gives you daily access to my services.

“Get beyond surviving into thriving and spiritual aliveness!”