Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

What does that mean? Simply put it means “like attracts like.” Much has been written and spoken about this powerful idea and phenomenon. What if you could harness the invisible energy that connects us all? What if you could “be” your way into abundance instead of relying solely on “doing” it all yourself. Sounds odd at first but it is powerful and measurable.

The Law of Attraction says, “By focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences/results into their life. It is the idea that we and our thoughts are made from pure energy, and encompasses the belief that like energy attracts like energy.”

So you may have noticed that when you are angry and having a bad day, you run into angry people as you go about your business. But if you are emanating love and light, you attract the same in kind. It has to do with the vibration of the feeling or emotion.

Emotions are powerful tools to guide us. Not something to be afraid of. Many people run from the vulnerability of really knowing their feelings. As if in some way, they can protect themselves from themselves. What they don’t realize is how important and powerful the information is that those emotions contain. We have power over what we attract by being what we want by harnessing emotion. Simple. But not easy for many. But first we must realize what those emotions are bringing into our lives and change them if necessary. Not cover them up. Not deny them. Make friends with them and use them to your advantage. Like an emotional map.

In our work, we will address negativity vs. positivity, perfection vs. excellence, affirmations and acceptance, manifestation and visualization, and living in a state of Grace where all things are possible.

What if your dreams and your visions for you and your life can be manifested easily and effortlessly? It is true. It is available to all.